Ann Pollard

Ann grew up in South Africa moving to England in 1988 to pursue her career as an artist.

“Painting is a form of relaxation for me although I admit it has its pressures too! I paint almost every day and never grow tired of the infinite variety and thrill of discovery. Researching subjects and experimenting with the medium, Acrylic, oil or watercolour have helped me to develop my style. I favour the oriental, calligraphy approach and like the images to emerge through confident and creative movement, my paintings are original insofar as I do not copy from pictures. I paint mainly from memory, imagination and my own design. I like the work to be spontaneous and creative rather than manipulated although this is not as easy as it sounds. I am always conscious of overworking a piece. I could probably not produce the same piece twice as there is an element of the random in my work. Ultimately I hope my style reflects a combination of creativity and skill which is what I am looking for, and what keeps me interested”.

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