Christine Gittins

South African born and educated, Christine Gittins settled in Wales in 1994 where she is continuing a career as a studio potter. Although a trained graphic artist, her involvement with clay has occupied her life since 1982 when she first started evening classes in pottery.

Her pots are wheel thrown in earthenware, finely turned and burnished to a smooth finish. Forms are based on classical shapes and for surface decoration she relies on the effects of various firing techniques to produce unpredictable results that are a constant challenge and source of excitement.

For her most recent work she uses a white body that lends itself to showing the subtle surface colours obtained by fuming the work in a saggar containing salt, copper and sawdust.

Her work is low-fired to keep the clay surface slightly porous to be able to absorb the effects of the treatment during the final firing.

Since moving to Britain, Christine has been selected as:

  • A member of the Makers Guild in Wales and
  • A member of the British Craft Potters Association.

We currently have no artwork from this artist.