David Stanley

David Stanley MA (Fine Art) MAFA.

David Stanley was born in 1946 in the U.K. where he still lives. He has shown work in prestigious galleries in London, New York, Long Beach Ca., and Stuttgart. Working almost exclusively in acrylic, David is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA).

He has a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Liverpool. International exposure was first gained during 1995 with acceptance to an exhibition in New York. Since then his work has been shown in California (1996) and Stuttgart (1998). During June 2000 he was awarded a “Year of the Artist” residency at Wigan Pier by the Arts Council of Great Britain. In spring 2003 David held his first major exhibition in London at the Hutson Gallery, 8 Sackville Street, London W1.


He won the Daler/Rowney award for Best British Artist at the NAPA exhibition at the Westminster Gallery, London, in Summer 1999. In 2001 he won the Major Prize for the most accomplished work in the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 134th Annual Open Exhibition from over 300 submissions. Since then there have been prizes in three St.Helens Opens, The Dick Young Memorial Prize at the Sefton Open 2005 and a further prize at the West Lancs Open 2006

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