Lucy Storrs

I grew up on a Dartmoor hill farm with six brothers and sisters and a whole menagerie of animals. It was here with my slightly eccentric upbringing that I developed a love for wild places and all things creative.

Even as a child I can remember feeling privileged to have such a wild, spacious and care free existence, I think these early days influenced my subsequent thinking and creative journeys…

All my art work is created from natural wool and is hand felted using a painterly style, I never cease to amaze at the versatility of wool as an art medium. In my work I try to capture and create places and moments that have spirit and emotion.

I studied Film making and Photography at Plymouth College of Art, I still get great pleasure from photography and often work in my studio from photographs collected on my journeys. I enjoy music composition on piano some of which I hope to share with you on my website shortly.

I have worked for the last 6 years creating ethereal images from wool using the wet felt process. I love the effect I can get using the unique texture and property of wool.

I am delighted to have been nominated as finalist in the Clapham Art Prize competition, the competition is open to all artists that work in any medium. My fellow finalists work in a very interesting range of mediums and I am pleased that my felted wool paintings have been selected.

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