Nicky Chubb

I originally trained as a designer, graduating from Central St Martin’s School of Art in 1993 with a BA (hons) in Fashion Design with a specialism in printed textiles. After working in various areas of the fashion & textile design industry, a career break to raise my four children led me to rediscover the excitement of drawing & painting.

I hope that my work is both expressive & joyful – my flower paintings are an attempt to capture the burst of happiness that I always feel when I find an unexpected patch of wildflowers, or a breeze sends a meadow dancing. I’m particularly inspired by the vivacious wildflowers and big skies I see in the countryside around my home when I’m walking with my dogs.

Many of my pictures include memories of the beautiful, larger than life flowers that my Grandad grew in his garden. He had a “green thumb” and grew fabulous flowers (which also made wonderful ‘dancing princesses’ to play with for a small girl who liked to pick them and turn them upside-down….).

I also enjoy the immediacy of life drawing, usually working in layers of collage and inks on paper, or on canvas when time allows. My focus is on colour and atmosphere, concentrating on the play of warm and cold shadows across the body.

All my work is strongly influenced by my fashion/textile background, both in the colours I choose and in my use of collage, stencilling and mark-making to add texture and depth.

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