Sue Bartlett

Sue Bartlett is the only artist in the world to use a combination of wax and glass – a medium she invented after years of experimenting in her studio-cum-science lab! When Sue Bartlett returned from six months of travelling, she decided upon a new career, and decided to pursue her love of art.

“I’d always wanted to follow art, so I took a fine art degree at Thames Valley University.”

It was there that she developed a technique that has now resulted in a unique medium.

Sue is the only artist in the world that uses a blend of wax and glass to create a liquid lollipop effect that she pours on to her canvasses.

“I started using wax at the university and it went on from there,” says Sue, “I got my own studio and started to work through different techniques. I wanted my paintings to be very textural and I love the shine of the glass and the slight matt of the wax, it’s the two things that I just love.”

Sue’s family has a history of furniture and clothes-making, spent a year experimenting with different glues and other products, turning her studio into an alchemist’s science lab.

“There’s lots of melting pots,” she says of her studio, “but I use just a normal cooker hob and saucepans. There are a lot of fumes so I have a good air filter unit.”

The glass she uses isn’t the glass as we know it, but glass used in set production for films. But otherwise Sue wants to keep her art recipe a secret. Sue graduated in 2005 and already she is working seven days a week to meet the demand for her art.

“It’s amazing, it really has been truly amazing, I can’t believe where it’s gone: into galleries all over the UK, and international art fairs” says Sue. “I’ve been really fortunate and I love what I do. I love every single moment of it.”

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