Tommy Fiendish

My current practice involves a combination of subconscious abstraction with pockets of graphic detail producing images born from social commentary, research and self-expression. Working in series helps me to build a vocabulary, exploring ideas and observing an evolution in each painting.
The ‘Black Swan Raw’ continuing series stems from my studies of Mute Swan anatomy, the first was painted as part of the ‘Weight and Power’ project which originally started with the exploration of vast container ships. I travelled attempting to discover and photograph vessels in working docks though it was the images of the metal cities in states of decay, left dry and forgotten that appealed most. In awe of the scale and engineering, I attempted to capture their complex design and grandeur seen as metaphors for my understanding of power, this led to the contemplation of the magnificent engineering in the structure a bird’s anatomy and specifically the phenomenology of a swan’s wing. The sensations I get when thinking about the ships were the same as when I consider the Swans. The series is painted roughly onto unprimed linen and is more like sketching with paint rather than painting.

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